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Premier Roofing Standards

As a commercial and residential roofer in Dallas, TX, it’s our job to administer the roof relief that you need. Whether the source of your roofing problems stems from the need for preventative roofing maintenance or storm-related roofing damages, our talented and competent roofing crew is here to help. Moreover, we provide a wide range of restoration services that will positively impact your property and result in documented property cultivation. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact a member of our team at (972)-922-2422. We would be happy to help!

Two roofers installing a new roof

Are You in Need of a Proper Fence Installation?

A good fence can provide both property owners and homeowners with a net positive benefit. For instance, with our fence installation services, you can have an aluminum or wood fence that will properly structure your outside space and keep intruders at bay. If you haven’t had your fence updated in the last ten or twenty years, it’s a great time to give us a call at (972)-922-2422 and set up a fence inspection. Whether we mutually determine that repairs are necessary or if you are interested in a brand-new fence, we’ll be sure to discuss all of your options in an open and stress-free manner. Please feel free to review all of our services and get in touch with us at your convenience.

Rely on Our Roofing Professionals

Roofing solutions are what we do at Trake Construction Management, LLC. Your roof provides you with a superior buffer from inclement weather. After all, the combined impact of heavy rain, high-speed winds, and hail take a toll on roof systems. It’s important for you to have a solid roofing company available to help out whenever you’ve witnessed the tell-tale signs of roof disrepair. Whether you are concerned about a roof leak or you’ve discovered missing roofing material, we are available to investigate the source of the issue with a roofing inspection. Your roof matters to our capable roofing contractors.

When you need a residential roofer in Dallas, TX, you need our team at Trake Construction Management, LLC. Give us a call at (972)-922-2422 today!