Assessing Roof Damage after Storms

Roof Damage Inspection

Wind Damage Alone Can Cause Serious Problems

A storm doesn’t have to be considered severe to cause significant roof damage. In fact, wind alone can be a culprit for harm. For homeowners in Dallas, TX, auditing your home’s exterior after a storm is the first step in diagnosing a problem. For homes that have sustained damage, Trake Construction Management offers roof storm damage repair. If you are unsure how to assess damage after a storm, review these steps below:

1. Inspect Your Attic

After a storm, the attic is usually the source of water leaks or water damage. Look around and determine if anything looks unusual. Pay attention to walls and ceilings around the attic. Is there discoloration? Is it yellowish or brownish? If so, professional assistance will be required.

2. Audit the Exterior

Go outside and look around the perimeter of your foundation. This is typically where you will find displaced shingles, displaced metal, etc. Look on the exterior of your roof, specifically where the roof meets the walls, and take note of the apparent condition of the exhaust pipes and chimney.

3. Call Your Insurance Agent

If you find clear damage, it is time to call your insurance agency. They can walk you through the process of filing a claim, if that’s what you choose to do. To be safe, you should record and document the damage you have found before making the claim.

4. Invest in Roof Repair

Regardless of whether or not you filed a claim, you are going to have to get your roofing situation fixed. Trake Construction Management is the right company for the job. We carefully repair all roof storm damage, and get the defenses of your exterior back to normal. Call (972) 922-2422 for roof repair in Dallas, TX.