Different Types of Metal Shingles

Red Metal Shingles

Metal Shingles Offer an Attractive Aesthetic With Excellent Durability.

When the time comes to replace your old shingle roofing, upgrading to a metal roof is always a great choice. Metal roofs provide excellent weather protection for your home and last longer than traditional roofing shingles. For homeowners who want the durability of metal, but aren’t quite ready to give up the appearance of a shingle roof, metal shingles are the perfect option. Metal shingles come in a variety of styles that allow you to choose the look you want for your home without compromising on protection.

What Type Of Metal Shingles Do You Want?

Metal Shingles are a popular roofing material because they mimic more traditional roofing materials, but are easier and less expensive to install. Here are some of the more popular metal shingle styles.

Metal Slate Shingles
Metal slate shingles were developed as an alternative to natural slate roof tiles. Natural slate is expensive and difficult to install, and it makes a very heavy roof. Metal slate shingles are inexpensive and very easy to install. They also are a very lightweight roofing material.

Metal Shake Shingles
Metal Shake Shingles give your home the same rustic, charming look as a natural wood shake shingle, but with half the maintenance. Natural wood roofs require a great deal of upkeep throughout the year, which can make them very expensive. Metal shake shingles do not require any upkeep at all, and as an added bonus they are complete fire resistant.

Metal Tiles
Roofing tiles provide your home with a unique and beautiful roof. Unfortunately, they require specialized knowledge to install and maintain and if not installed properly, it can create serious problems down the road. Metal tiles provide the same great appearance with a much simpler installation process.

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