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Foam Roofing Installation

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Have you been considering more efficient choices for your commercial roof? Consider our polyurethane foam roof solutions, which provide a seamless rooftop through easy installation. Made by combining polyol and isocyanate, this roofing system is sprayed as a liquid across your roof and then sealed with an elastomeric top coat for additional durability. For commercial buildings in particular, this is a very efficient roofing solution that offers UV protection and improved resistance to leaks. If you’re considering in an expert foam roofing installation in Rockwall, TX, or Rockwall, TX, give Trake Construction Management, LLC a call at 972-922-2422 to discover more!

Should I Choose A Foam Roof System?

Water leaks in typical commercial roof systems occur due to repeated layers of material linked with glued or welded seams. Because the seams diminish with age, however, water can eventually penetrate the roof. Since spray foam roofing has no seams, it doesn’t have areas susceptible to water. Foam roofing’s liquid application makes installation a breeze. When administered, the foam bonds to practically any surface and installers can easily apply it around vents, AC units, and other obstructions. When professional contractors correctly apply foam roofing, the material can last for 20 years or longer with almost zero maintenance requirements.

Foam Roof Installation Services

Foam Roofing can save you money, while the application process takes place rapidly without disrupting your workspace. Additionally, for an environmentally friendly roof, you can’t go wrong with foam roofing. Your building can obtain higher energy efficiency due to the foam’s deflection of harmful UV rays. With increased energy efficiency, you’ll see reduced bills and less demand on the cooling system. As a matter of fact, the standard business’ annual energy cost can decrease to up to 30 percent thanks to foam roofing. Phone 972-922-2422 to schedule foam roofing installation in Rockwall, TX or Rockwall, TX, or to find out additional information about our company. To begin the roofing process, we will provide an estimate and do a full inspection of your old roof.