Modified Bitumen 101

Modified Bitumen Roofing

How Much Do You Know About Modified Bitumen Roofing?

Roofing is arguably the most crucial aspect of any home and commercial building constructions. This is because most structures often require something to serve as a shelter. Therefore, there have emerged numerous roofing options with different functionality as well as aesthetic value, including the modified bitumen roofing systems.

Modified bitumen is often preferred by people looking for a relatively durable and lower maintenance roofing option.

In contrast to the traditional asphalt shingles and sheeting rolls that are extremely prone to quickly drying out, this roofing material is made of layered bitumen membranes that are essentially mixed with special polymers. This provides the modified bitumen with roofing material properties that are very similar to those of plastic or rubber.

The modified bitumen was traditionally reserved for commercial and industrial roofing applications. This is especially because of its initial cost, coupled with its material properties. However, most residential building owners now prefer it due to its incomparable strength. Indeed, most reputable manufacturers, including Trake Construction Management, LLC guarantee the useful life of this roofing material to be up to 20 years. This is especially true if the roofing system is installed by a licensed roofing contractor. More benefits to be derived from modified bitumen include strength; modified bitumen boasts of incredible strength when compared to other roofing materials.

Each type of modified bitumen roofing systems that employ various polymer mixtures will often provide superior strength, leading to the product’s long wear as well low-maintenance characteristics.

This roofing system essentially offers both home and commercial building owners with different installation options. Such include investing in professional contractors, which involves hot processing and guaranteed results. While Modified Bitumen might cost a little more than typical roofing materials, this roofing system is a better buy in the long-term. We at Trake Construction Management, LLC recommend modified bitumen roofing systems, which has the effectiveness of a membrane roof with that of a built up roof.

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