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Your Soffit And Fascia Work Together To Protect Your Roof.

While most homeowners are aware that there are different parts of the residential roof to know, some terms such as soffit and fascia may not sound very familiar. At Trake Construction Management, LLC we know that it is easier for clients to make decisions about their roofs when they have all of the information they need, so here are some things you may like to know about your roof’s soffit and fascia. The fascia is an essential band of material that runs under the edge of your roof and is the primary point of attachment for your gutter system. The soffit is the structure that bridges the line between your roof line and siding. Soffit is required to keep your home’s attic ventilating properly, and fascia protects the edge of your roof from water damage, while simultaneously providing a smooth and finished look to the roof. Both of these are essential to your roof, so if you find yourself in need of soffit and fascia repair in Rockwall, TX, give us a call today at 469-757-4429 to get started!

How To Protect Your Soffit And Fascia

Fascia And Soffit Repair

In Order to Keep Your Soffit And Fascia in Great Condition, Regular Maintenance is Key.

The number one way to keep any area of your roof in top condition is to perform annual maintenance checks to ensure everything is free from damage. Luckily, your fascia is particularly easy to monitor on your own, every couple of months. You will want to make sure that there are no sagging or broken areas, as well as keep an eye out for animals that may be trying to make a nest in between your fascia and gutters. Remove any debris that you see, and be sure to keep your gutters clean, so as to avoid problems such as rotted fascia. As for your soffit, you will want to watch for signs of moisture in your attic, or a rise in heating or cooling costs. If you notice any issue that indicates soffit failure, call us for an inspection at 469-757-4429.

When you need professional soffit and fascia repair in Rockwall, TX, you can count on the roofing team at Trake Construction Management, LLC! We are dedicated to providing our clients with top notch services and unbeatable value. Call us today at 469-757-4429 to get started!