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Wood Shake Roofing Has A unique Beauty That Clients Love!

Are you interested in a sturdy, beautiful, and natural roofing solution for your residential home? If so, our wood shake roof installation in North Texas might be the ideal solution for you. We have plenty of residential roofing services to offer, and our wood shake roofing is one of our prime materials. Though not many homes are seen with cedar shake roofing today, the option is still available for homeowners. Whether you want executive home roofing or you have a steep slope roof, wood shake looks good on any home or roofing structure. To learn more about wood shake roof solutions, give the Trake Construction Management, LLC team a call today at (972) 922-2422!

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Wood Shake

Wood Shake Roof Installation

Wood Shake Is Also Known For Its Durability.

When you choose a wood shake roof installation for your home, you will also be choosing some great benefits. When compared to asphalt shingle roofing, cedar shake roofing is far superior in terms of storm protection. You can rely on shake roofing to stand up to heavy winds, as well as falling debris such as hail and branches. These systems are also known to be very aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their natural appeal, and you can even expect decreased energy bills each month. However, a wood shake roof also comes with some large downsides, such as extensive maintenance requirements and costly installation. In fact, wood shake maintenance is so necessary, some homeowners experience early roof failure due to insufficient maintenance habits. Another major concern is that wood shake is incredibly flammable, and not recommended for areas prone to wildfires.

If you are looking for a wood shake roof installation in North Texas, call us today at (972) 922-2422. Our team has years of experience, and customer satisfaction is our number one objective at all times, for every project. We can walk you through the entire roofing process, and answer any questions you may have, including discussing other residential roofing options you may be interested in. At Trake Construction Management, LLC, our focus isn’t the hard sale, our focus is making sure you get the right roof for your home and your needs.