Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone Protects Your Roof In Several Ways.

Your roof system and its materials are protected with silicone roof coatings. Durable and water resistant, silicone roof coating offers top-notch protection and strong natural defense. As a further feature, this coating is eco-friendly because of its moisture curing nature.

With a range of services for you, Trake Construction Management, LLC is your source for every roof system need, from roofing installation to silicone roof coatings. Our goal is to provide you with a roofing you can rely on and quality customer service, every time. Want more information on how to improve your roof system with a silicone roof coating in Rockwall, TX and the surrounding area? Call us today at 469-757-4429 for more information or to get started on your brand new roof system coating!

Silicone Roof Coatings And Benefits

If you are looking for an incredibly durable roof for your commercial property, consider silicone roof coatings. The silicone roof coating is recognized for how sturdy it is, providing security during harsh weather and remaining intact amidst the outdoor elements. A great characteristic to silicone roof coatings that a lot of individuals take for granted is how it protects a commercial roof from ultraviolet rays, reflecting them away and decreasing sun damage. With the ultraviolet rays being reflected off the roof, it can improve your energy bills and will leave your property feeling colder when it's warm outside. Chalking and staining are a few things that customers seem to worry about when it comes to their commercial roofing system, but silicone roof coatings are resistant to these issues, making them an excellent option. Water disturbances and puddling is a pretty regular commercial roof incident that is very frustrating. Since it acts like a layer, silicone roof coatings will stop water puddling and harm on the roofing system. A great benefit to silicone roof coatings is that they can stop moisture or fungus from evolving on the roofing system. Although silicone roof coatings have a lot of perks that are able to help commercial properties, it's lifespan of ten to fifteen years has got to be the best perk. When you apply this roofing material on your commercial building, there is no need to remove the current roof. It is a fairly straightforward process, that consist of cleaning the existing roof and adhering the silicone roof coating on top. Customers will love having a silicone roof coating since it is quick to apply and will not need a ton of maintenance.

Your Roofing Professionals

For your silicone roof coating in Rockwall, TX, Trake Construction Management, LLC is the company to call. We provide top-notch roofing systems that provide defense to you and your property. We are known for our expert installation practices and the customer service we give at each service. Our licensed skilled roofing contractors are always available to fix your roof system and give any service you require, from roofing coating to thorough inspection. Get started today with the best silicone roof coatings! Call 469-757-4429!