What Is Considered a Roofing Emergency?


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Your roof is what holds your home together and keeps it from getting ruined from the weather outside. This makes it a very important part of your home, some would say the most important. Because of that, there is a large need to make sure that it is always taken care of to the best of your abilities. Roof damage can be brutal and it can end up causing giant holes in your roof or water damage that can leak into your home. If the problem makes its way into your home you may have a plumbing problem on your hands and will need to contact someone for DFW plumbing services. Below, we have listed some common roofing emergencies that happen and will need to be taken care of right away.

Common Roofing Emergencies

Heavy Shingle Loss – In strong winds that are brought on by storms, the shingles can be heavily blow off your roof. If they have any previous damage on them, they can become damaged much easier. There are brands of shingles that you can get, that will be extra protected like Atlas roof shingles.

Storm Damage – Storms come out of nowhere and often times you don’t know how strong they are going to be until they are happening. These can rip roofs right off your house or leave areas with damage that will need to be repaired.

Holes – Over time, age and weather can eat away at your roo, leaving holes that will let water in and end up causing mold on your roof.

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